Story time draws to a close

We’re coming to the middle of August (seriously, where did the time go?) and with that the end of our
month-long dive down the rainbow-coloured rabbit hole that is Instagram Stories. It’s been a mind-
boggling month of stepping out of our comfort zone with crazy filters, funny emojiis and stickers,
exclusive content and even a little dabble into video!

While we certainly wouldn’t call ourselves experts, we’ve definitely learnt a trick or two to keep up
our sleeves when it comes to maximising Instagram Stories for business.

Below, we’ve rounded them
up for easy reading and quick reference (so make sure you bookmark this page!).

Do: Keep it real
Not everything you share needs to be perfectly on brand and Stories is the perfect place to get #real.
Why not show your audience a little behind the scenes?

Do: Get creative
Make sure your Stories are bursting with your brand’s personality through the use of filters, stickers
and interactive content. Just try not to go overboard (trust us, it’s so easy to get carried away…).

Do: Save your best Stories
Remember to make the most of the Stories highlight feature! It’s perfect for the interactive content
you want to bookmark for future reference (like FAQs and work samples), but doesn’t quite suit your
feed’s #aesthetic.

Do: End all Stories with a CTA
That’s a ‘call to action’ if you’re (like us!) still learning the slang. Just like any other marketing tool,
Instagram Stories can (and should) end in a specific call to action. This is a huge opportunity to
prompt users to interact with your brand. Looking to drive website traffic? Prompt users to swipe up!

Don’t: Overdo it
Repeat after us – less is more. Unless kindergarten collage is on brand for you, stay away from
cluttering the screen with GIFs, hashtags, polls, or text. The less is more approach also applies to the
quantity of Stories – one to seven posts a day is plenty!

Don’t: Only use Stories for marketing
Sure, you may have a product to push, but your audience will swipe away if they feel as though
you’re just trying to sell. Instead, try the 3:1 rule – three ‘real’ Stories for every promotional one.

Don’t: Post during off-hours
Although your story will be live for 24 hours, it will inevitably get lost in the noise that is the
Stories’ feed. Make sure your Stories are seen by posting during the hours your audience is most

Don’t: Align text too close to the edges
We’ve been there, done that. Here’s a tip: You know those blue lines that pop up every now and then
while you’re moving stickers and text around? These lines help you align your text so it can be seen
and read, so take note!

There you have it – our top tips for Instagram Stories, all tried and tested over this past month. Have
you got any you could add to the list? Share in the comments below and be sure to keep an eye on
our Stories as we continue our journey (you didn’t think we’d really stop after 31 days, right?).

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