IGTV: Turning your business into the star of its own production

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Think Instagram is just for pretty images and short, snappy videos? Guess again. Just when you think you’ve got the popular social media platform all figured out they throw you a curveball. And in June 2018, that (much welcomed) curveball was IGTV.

IGTV gives you the benefits of the Instagram Story video feature but amplified. So just what is IGTV and how can we maximise it for business? Read on, and prepare to be blown away (we were!).


As with Instagram Stories, if you’re a business or brand on social media, you’re going to want to be all over IGTV.


IGTV is a long-form video channel accessible from Instagram and as a standalone app.

It gives users the opportunity to make videos longer than typical Instagram Stories and posts – think up to 10 minutes for regular users and up to ONE HOUR if you’re verified (seriously, that’s longer than a television sitcom!).


Unlike your Stories that vanish within 24 hours, IGTV videos stick around.


IGTV videos camp out in their own little section of your profile. On the app, you’ll find a little TV screen icon just above a user’s normal feed. Click that button and that’s where you’ll find the library of IGTVs.


You may be put off using IGTV for your business or brand due to the associated time investment needed to produce the long-form social videos. But while we do tend to stick to short and snappy when it comes to the good old social media posts, in this case we think bigger (or longer) is definitely better.


If done right, IGTV is a bloody brilliant way to build engagement for your brand. Think exclusive content, product demonstrations, Q&As, behind-the-scenes tours – all the fun, interactive content you share via Stories but with less restrictions!

With IGTV you can delve into detail about your products and services without having to speak really fast in fear of being cut off (seriously, how many times have we had to reshoot a Story?) or film a fun tutorial without rushing through the steps.


Ready to dive into the deep end and give IGTV a crack? Firstly you need to ensure your video meets all the tech requirements (warning: boring but important information below, so stay with us and don’t skip ahead!):

Videos must be at least one minute long. The maximum length your IGTV can be is:

  • 15 minutes when uploading from a mobile device.
  • 60 minutes when uploading from the web.

·         Videos must be in MP4 file format.

  • You can upload a vertical video with an aspect ratio of 9:16 or a horizontal video with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Videos should have a minimum frame rate of 30 FPS (frames per second) and minimum resolution of 720 pixels.
  • The maximum file size for videos that are 10 minutes or less is 650MB. The maximum file size for videos up to 60 minutes is 3.6GB.

 Got all that? Now, on to the how-to:

1.   In the Instagram app, tap the plus symbol at the bottom and choose the video you want to upload, then tap next.

2.   Select long video to share a video that’s at least 60 seconds to IGTV. Videos shorter than 60 seconds can be shared to your feed and profile by selecting short video > continue.

3.   Tap and slide the image at the bottom of the screen to select a cover image or tap the plus symbol, then add from camera roll (iPhone) or add from gallery (Android). Tap Next.

4.   Add a title and description.

5.   You can choose to post a preview of your video to feed and your profile or share your video to a Facebook page, then tap post.

·         Previews will automatically be the first 15 seconds of your video.

·         If you’ve chosen to post a preview, you can tap edit profile cover to adjust how your IGTV cover photo shows up on your profile grid.

·         You can also tap edit preview to adjust how your IGTV video will be previewed in feed (you’ll only have this option if your video is 9:16. If 16:9, your video will show in full).

A heads up that if you share a video longer than 60 seconds to your feed and profile by selecting short video, the video will be trimmed to 60 seconds – keep this in mind!

As you can see, IGTV is a game changer when it comes to Instagram marketing and social media in general – the possibilities really are endless. To be honest, we’re not even sure we’d cram all there is to know about IGTV within an IGTV itself. But maybe one day we should try? What do you think about IGTV – do you love it or hate it? Share your experiences in the comments below. 

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