Calling cut on IGTV – for now

As our deep dive into IGTV draws to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the wonders of the relatively new Instagram video platform. If we’re honest, IGTV was a scary concept going into this challenge, and honestly, it’s not one we embraced to its full potential. But for those brave enough to give it a whirl, IGTV is a brilliant tool for marketing. 
As we’ve said before, IGTV is like Stories, but amplified. It’s got a whole lot less limits than its shorter Stories counterpart, which is wonderful, but to a beginner like us, makes it seem that much more nerve wracking.
To help take away some of the nerves, we’ve rounded up below our tops tips for IGTV:
Do: keep it vertical
IGTV is built for vertical video, so keep that in mind when shooting and uploading your footage. 
Do: keep it short
Though IGTV videos are able to be 10 minutes long (and up to a full hour for verified accounts!) you should still keep it short and sweet. It’s best to upload footage between 2-5 minutes in length so viewers don’t lose interest.
Do: use subtitles
IGTV allows you to add subtitles to your video which is important for a few reasons. First, some of your viewers might be deaf or hard-of-hearing. Secondly, a whopping 85 per cent of people watch Instagram videos with the sound off, so captions are a must. 
Do: post to your feed
Once you have posted the video to IGTV, you also want to make sure it appears in your feed, that way you have a higher chance of people seeing and engaging with the piece of content. There’s no point doing all that hard work if no-one sees it, right?
Do: include a CTA
So many people forget this! Remember, IGTV is a marketing tool so make sure you tell people what to do at the end of the video, whether it’s to go to a link, sign up, share, or comment. 
Don’t: go off brand
You still need to ensure that the content you create for the channel still follows your brand guidelines. Consumers relate more closely to those with a strong brand, so keep it consistent.
Don’t: treat IGTV like Instagram Stories
Think of IGTV as an extension of your Instagram feed. Keep your quick life updates for Instagram Stories.
You’ll have a much easier time growing on IGTV by posting one really great video per week that shows your audience how much value you can add to their lives.
Don’t: forget the basics
A lot of IGTV users seem to forget about the simple basics. Make sure each IGTV includes a title, cover image and hashtags. 
Don’t: skimp on the promotion
Instagram is used by millions of people, which means there are just as many pieces of content being posted on a daily basis. Simply posting a video to your Instagram profile isn’t enough to be seen (and you want to be seen, right?).
Remember, the more you put into promoting your videos, the more you’ll get out of them.
There you have it – our top tips for IGTV, all in the one place (so save this post!). Have you got any you could add to the list? Share in the comments below, and who knows, maybe you’ll see us on IGTV in the near future (we’re working up the courage!

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