Cross our heart

We aren’t the biggest agency in the world. We don’t have an espresso machine or fresh flowers delivered every day. But we can promise five little things:

  1. We’ll treat you like one of the family. Sunday roasts and everything.
  2. We’ll always recommend what’s best for your business, not our business. 
  3. We’ll keep you updated on industry trends, tips or helpful advice. 
  4. We’ll provide free brainstorms or chats, if you can’t afford our services.
  5. We’ll do our gosh darned best. (Apologies for the strong language.)

Nice to meet you

I’m a tee shirt and jeans kind of gal, with three beautiful kids and a full-time digital marketing business. When I was little, I wanted to be an interior designer, but somehow wound up in a high-powered media agency instead, running marketing campaigns, handling TV ads, and explaining social media to guys in suits. Fast-forward a few years (okay, more than a few) and Grevillea was born. Now I work for myself, helping small businesses and juggling the 8am kinder run. Don’t ask. 

Want to work with us?

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