Content Marketing Audit for Service Business


The content marketing audit is the perfect service for small to medium sized service businesses.

The audit covers:

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertisements



Content Marketing Audit for Service Businesses

Let me guess, you’re a jack of all trades. As a small business owner you wear many hats and content marketer is one of them. You juggle running a business, balancing the books, updating your socials, answering customer questions, write a blog (when you can) and know that it’s all worth it but feel there’s something missing. The piece of the content marketing puzzle. 

Content Marketing is a beast, and trust me so many businesses push it to the side for another day. But not you, you know that content marketing is on the rise and as important as ever.  

Routinely, every business should take stock of its marketing content with a formal audit to determine if that content is supporting the company’s marketing goals (sounds obvious right?). After putting the work in to develop a dynamic marketing strategy and implementing the content, it becomes important to then evaluate how that content is performing. 

When we do your content marketing audit, you get a birds eye view of your content marketing plan. Then, we’ll digest the overwhelm and simplify it for you in bite size pieces (you know the really good tasting first bites). We’ll even put it in a report with colour codes on what desperately needs your attention (or the low hanging fruit) and what you can leave on the to do list for a rainy day (you know when you have nothing better to do). Seriously though, the report will include recommendations and support of where you can improve your current content marketing efforts, what you can do to re-align your marketing plan and what can maybe be added to next years plan. We pretty much hold your hand through the process, because we’re nice like that. 

So question for you, 

When did you last examine your goals?

When you created your content strategy and goals, you likely created content to support them. Are your strategies and goals unchanged? If they are, you’ll want to make sure your content is supporting them effectively. If they have changed, you’ll need your content to change course too.

What content do we look at? (Great question clever cookie)

When performing your audit, we take a comprehensive approach and examine everything (or you can audit subsets such as your blog or social media content). Types of content you may wish to audit includes:

  • Website
  • Advertisements
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Video content
  • Social media content
  • Marketing materials (i.e. emails)
  • Email (Online newsletters, welcome sequences etc)

After you’ve identified the content you want to audit, we can dive in and begin. 

Think of an audit as an evaluation of your content material. What types of factors will influence your assessment? In most cases, you should be examining your content through the lens of:

  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Target audience (is the content connecting with that audience?)
  • Traffic, likes, shares, unsubscribes (just some metric examples we look at)

After your audit, we’ll talk you through what we found and send you an easy to read report. We’ll highlight all the good, the bad and the ugly with your current content. We’ll include any recommendations that we think could spice up your content and get people talking about how awesome you are. 

Once booked in the audit will take approximately 10 working days. We will send through a brief questionnaire with questions about what content you are wanting to be included, social handles and if you’re a dog or a cat person (joking, we like you either way)

Look forward to working with you 


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