Social Media Marketing

Let me tell you a bit about Social.

What is Social Media Marketing – take a seat.

Social Media Consult

Perfect for the small business on a shoestring (we here you). But you know that social media is where the party is at. This service includes an audit of what you are currently doing with your socials and can include (but not limited to):

  • Fresh content ideas
  • What content is currently working and what can be improved
  • Data led analysis

BONUS A full month of content ideas to help you get started. We’re not going to leave you in the dark like that.

Book now for $299

Paid Ads Management

You have a special product or launch that you want to get off the ground (and don’t have the patience for the organic side of things.

This is great for small businesses who:

  • Have a timely event they want to drive awareness of
  • A sale for a certain time wanting to drive conversions
  • Test or launch a new product or service

BONUS Ads manager set up, Media Plan and Campaign strategy clearly communicated prior to live date.

Ads management starts from $640

Organic Management

Ok I like my Kale organic but my social media?

Organic is HARD. Reach is getting harder and harder to deliver, markets are cluttered and people are on all sorts of platforms. BUT any savvy business knows that having an organic social media presence is CRITICAL in today’s market. Having a well optimised account can benefit your SEO and having no regular content can tarnish your reputation.

This service is ideal for (but not limited to):

  • Starting out and want to grow awareness of their fabulousness
  • Too busy doing what they are good at and want the burden of social of their hands.

BONUS New profile set up, SEO optimised account (new or existing), Community Management and outreach with influencer recommendations.

Organic growth starts from $1,100

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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