The top tips small businesses and in-house marketers need to know this year + how to implement them with success in your business

Every year, as we open our calendars to January 1st, we’re simultaneously met with the inevitable flow of lists of “The top (insert number) biggest marketing trends for (insert year)”. 

And for all-rounder in-house marketers and small business owners juggling it all, those blogs, videos, and reports can get a little overwhelming: 

Which ones are worth following? 

How do I prioritise?

Is what I’m doing now still okay? 

When you’re trying to keep on top of the latest trends in your industry and the marketing world abroad, the pressure to ‘be everywhere’ and ‘do everything’ can get, well, a lot. 

That’s why at Grevillea Marketing, we’re doing our 2021 trends list a little differently from the rest. We’re focusing on four simple trends and overarching ideas to guide your approach to digital marketing this year. From the rise of audio marketing to content that’s not all-sales, you’ll find helpful tips alongside achievable inspirations to help you implement them into your business straight away. 

It’s all part of a sustainable approach to marketing that champions quality over quantity. Always. 

After all, we could all do with a bit less on our plate in 2021, right? 

  1. 2021 Digital Marketing Trend #1

Audio marketing that’s not *just* another podcast

Record players and radios may have become a forgotten medium in a world of visually-driven branded content. But as marketing expert, Daniel Newman, pointedly raised, just like trends in fashion and food, everything old eventually becomes new again. And this year, there’s nothing more nouveau in digital marketing than the power of your voice, with online audio now surpassing radio in popularity

Digital marketing via audio is a mobile, snackable form of content that connects you more intimately with your customers, helping truly foster a community. Better yet, it’s scientifically proven that listening to audio content elicits a deeper emotional response and simplifies your audience’s experience down to one sense – allowing them to better absorb and retain the valuable information you’re sharing. But what does that mean for marketers wanting to harness another one of the five senses? 

Well, if you’re anything like us, when you hear the words ‘audio’ and ‘marketing’ you instantly think of podcasts. But *record scratch*? Audio marketing is no longer limited to your audience’s morning commute playlist. Enter: Clubhouse. This drop-in, invitation-only, time-bound, audio-chat social platform has soared in popularity during the first weeks of 2021 as a means of casually connecting and learning across a range of topics. Once you’ve secured an exclusive invitation, you can follow and engage with friends, celebrities, and (our favourite) leaders in the business world. Clubhouse builds a unique loyalty and allows you to jump on timely events in your industry without the need for perfectly curated content. 

Our favourite inspiration for this digital marketing trend:

SEO-powerhouse Kate Toon is doing some pretty great things with Clubhouse! She offers 100% free business-related chats, sharing all her knowledge as an incredibly accomplished businesswoman. 

Your audience may not be as large as Kate’s, but with this platform, you don’t need it to be. Simply polling your audience on what they’d like to see, and what time would suit them best is all you need to do. 

  1. 2021 Digital Marketing Trend #2

Snackable, short-form video content

First, it was long-form video that reigned supreme in the digital marketing world…then our attention spans became shorter…and shorter. Yep – it seems the rise of short-form video content is here to stay, with 54% of consumers wanting to see more branded videos, and it’s only getting more bite-size. In 2021, snackable, digestible, shareable video content like IGTV, Reels, Stories, and TikToks will continue to be incentivised by social media platforms with increased reach to build a stronger, more engaged community. 

But when we think of Reels and TikToks, as business owners we assume we need to muster all our coordination to do tacky dances, or point at words on a screen, to go viral. Luckily, that’s not the case, especially when that style of video may not be appealing to your audience, or work for you as a content creator. 

Instead, success with video can be found in what is doable and realistic for you. Because ultimately, if it works for your brand and your audience, that’s all that matters!

Scrub Lab is an Australian scrubs brand leading the way in fashionable and functional workwear for health professionals. Scrub Lab is also not your typical viral Reels star – but they’ve certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to snackable content! 

From 15-second videos showcasing their newest colourways, to friendly snapshots getting to know the faces behind the business (check out this cute example below), Scrub Lab has harnessed the power of Reels and seen phenomenal success while creating content that feels right for them. And you can do the same in 2021!

Our favourite inspiration for this digital marketing trend:

  1. 2021 Digital Marketing Trend #3

eDMs that nurture (not just sell)

Electronic Digital Mail (or eDM) has come in and out of fashion more than platform sneakers and flared jeans. And at the moment? It’s seeing a surge in use – though primarily as a sales tool for almost half of marketers. But in 2021 digital marketing should be centred on a community-first approach, with email helping bring trust to the forefront of communication with more people (particularly as global email users are projected to surge to 4.48 billion by 2024). Social media, blogs, and paid ads aside, email truly has the potential to be an essential extension of your business and your community, and every sequence shouldn’t be seen as a sales strategy. 

Instead, no matter how small your database, use email to tell stories, educate, enrich and inspire your community.  Because delivering value-filled emails written with a relationship-oriented approach, means your audience can open their email without feeling pressured to open their wallet at the same time. And while this is ultimately your goal (we all know you need $$$ to grow your business), you’ll be able to truly connect and nurture relationships that lead to a conversion. It may be more of a long game, but it’s certainly worth it, with eDM having the second-highest ROI of any digital marketing tool. 

The benefit here is that you can also build your community uninhibited by algorithms. Forget paying for clicks or stressing over declining reach,  when you choose to nurture your contacts via eDM there’s no worry they could all disappear. 

Our favourite inspiration for this digital marketing trend:

The brain behind creative and uber-funny ‘OkDork’ often places links to his latest Youtube videos in his emails to keep them light, engaging, and clickable with no ‘sales-ask’ in sight. 

  1. 2021 Digital Marketing Trend #4

A new way of content marketing

Specifically, a new way that’s sustainable and organic. Not in an environmentalist way, but in the ‘maximising-what-little-hours-you-have-in-the-day’ way, because let’s face it: quality content is time-consuming. As a result, it often falls to the bottom of your to-do list, compounded by a kick in the guts from social media that sees organic posts reach just 5% of your audience (and declining). But in 2021, organic content can reap oh-so-many rich rewards, even if it doesn’t reach that many people! Because if you’re creating content you and your audience love, the reach doesn’t matter as much –  it’s the people you’re engaging with that do. 

And speaking of reach, drawing out key ideas and repurposing your content can not only cut down on how much time you spend creating it, but can increase the number of touchpoints you have with your audience. Developing one blog can lead to an ecosystem of evergreen email, social, and video content that ensures no matter how your customers like to consume information, they can consume yours. P.S: Grace DeBruin offers a great guide on repurposing content, with a focus on quality over quantity.  

Another great content-related trend emerging in 2021 is the use of personal, insightful content over perfectly-curated feeds and basic captions. Long-form captions and playful videos that allow brands to drop the ‘profesh’ facade and showcase the humans behind it is truly a winner this year, alongside being super selective about where you choose to show up. 

Our favourite inspiration for this digital marketing trend:

Tuckshop Knits don’t just make unbelievable cute wooly threads, they nail their digital marketing with content that just feels like ‘them’. This reel (below) showcases the reality of running a small business, allowing owner, Sheridan, to connect on a more personal level with her audience (and to the tune of over 8000 views and 54 comments!). Ultimately, her success (and yours) all comes back to creating content you love and empathises with your audience’s unique customer journey.


So after reading through all of that, how do you feel? We hope it’s nothing less than inspired and excited! The last thing we want is for you to reach this paragraph here and feel overwhelmed or unsure where to begin! Harnessing the power of audio, video, email and organic content for your business’s digital marketing in 2021 is possible. It’s all about embracing sustainability, releasing the pressure to ‘do it all’, and focusing on what feels right for you and your audience. 

What’s your take-away?

We’re all about action here. So here’s your fun-work (homework but make it fun):

  1. Pick one of the four trends we’ve discussed that most appeals to you, and aligns with your business goals. Is it joining Clubhouse? Or building on your email database? 
  2. Whatever it is, dedicate some time this week to focus on your strategy behind it. Research tools already out there, trial different platforms, survey your audience, and put a rough, step-by-step plan with achievable milestones to start implementing that strategy. 

If you’d like help with uncovering the right 2021 digital marketing trend for your business, book a discovery call with us! We’ll discuss what you’re all about, and how you can get around one of these trends to go further in the new year. We guarantee you’ll (virtually) walk away better off than when you arrived!

A Guide to Social Media Advertising During the Holiday Season

As of 2019, more than 3.5 billion people in the world use social media, and this number is only growing. This equals about 45% of the current population.

So if you’re considering marketing your business through social media ads during the upcoming holiday season, you’re not alone.

But during Q4, the time went the most money is spent on advertising and gifts, is it the best idea to invest in social media advertising? That’s we’ve put together outlining three major considerations you should make: the cost, where you sell, and the importance of deals during this time.

Keep reading to learn more.

The Increased Cost

Bid prices on social media ads often go up in a big way during the holiday season. This usually averages around a cost increase of 140%.

The con here is obviously that your marketing budget is going to have to increase. You could run the same ads in the summer and pay significantly less.

But the pro is that your return on investment could increase as well. This is because people spend like crazy during the holidays.

If you want to take the risk, look at your social media advertising budget now. Allocate 25-30% of your yearly ad budget to the holidays alone and see how things go for you this year. You can then adjust accordingly for next year.

Digital vs In-Store Shopping

Next, it’s important to consider how you sell your products. Do you have a brick or mortar store where you interact with customers? Do you sell online on your website or through Amazon?

Perhaps you do a combination of both.

It’s important to note that digital sales continue to increase when it comes to holiday sales. In 2019, 53% of all holiday shopping happened online, a huge increase from 5 years ago.

So if you only sell in a physical location, holiday social media advertising may not be the best option. But if you do sell online and can create an eye-catching ad that stands out from the crowd, you could benefit in a big way from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmastime sales. 

Deals, Deals, Deals

Holiday shopping has become known for one big thing: the best deals of the year. We’ve all seen the low prices on TVs, clothes, and electronics that come around on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Because of this, you must consider offering a deal in your holiday social media advertising. 

The benefit of doing so is that sales, discounts, and promos are one of the biggest factors when consumers are deciding whether or not to buy. This, combined with the increased sales opportunities of November and December, could mean massive sales numbers.

The con is that you might make less per sale since you’re including a deal or coupon.

Often, though, it’s worth it during this time of year.

Social Media Advertising During the Holidays

There you have it: your guide to social media advertising during the holiday season. Now it’s time to make a decision for your business.

Looking for social media marketing services? Contact our team today.

Instagram Reels: Introducing the latest kid on the Instagram block

Been hearing whispers about a hot new Instagram feature called Reels but have no idea what anyone’s referring too? Well, don’t stress – we have your back. Today, we break down the most talked about update in a long time and why you should be considering it for your business’ marketing strategy. Let’s get up to speed:


If you’re a business or brand who wants to be on top of its social media A-game, you’re going to want to at least give Reels a real-hot go (pun fully intended!). 


Similar to the social media phenomenon that is TikTok, Instagram Reels lets people create short-form videos that can be shared with friends and followers.

Think 15 second snack-sized videos layered with special effects, filters and separate audio tracks.


Instagram Reels is so fresh – it launched just over a month ago on 5 August.


Instagram Reels is quickly becoming the app’s top dog, so much so that Instagram has revamped its platform to create a specific landing spot for Reels. Find it at the top of the Explore page screen in its own dedicated feed that people can vertically scroll through — similar to Tik Tok “For You Page.”


You can’t be blamed for thinking that Reels sounds a lot like its older sister Instagram Stories, but we promise they’re different. How?

  • Reels offers a wider variety of editing tools, including AR effects, speed controls, and the ability to align multiple clips for smoother transitions.
  • There is a notable difference when it comes to sharing an Instagram Story and a Reel. Instagram Stories won’t be added to your feed and disappear after 24 hours. Reels can be shared to Instagram’s Explore feed so people who don’t follow you can find them — great for grabbing the attention of potential new followers.
  • If you include original audio, your audio will be attributed to you, and other users can include it in their own reels.


Creating a Reel is a bit of a process – but as they say, all good things take time. Here’s what you need to do:

To create a Reel, open the Instagram camera just like you would to use Stories, and select Reels on the bottom scroll bar. You’ll see the editing tools stacked on the left side of the screen. Use the record button to create your clip or series of clips (there’s a progress bar at the top of the screen to show how much of your 15 seconds you’ve used). Tap the arrow at the bottom when you’re ready to publish.

From there, you’ll have the option to write a caption, choose a cover image, add hashtags and share your video to Reels (if your account is public). Reels will appear on Explore and be stored on a tab on your profile page, similar to IGTV.

Another option for both public and private accounts is to post reels to your Feed — they’ll appear on your main grid and on the Reels tab. 

To watch other users’ reels, tap the search icon on the main toolbar. Reels are featured at the top, and all you have to do is tap and scroll to cycle through the clips. From there, you can follow users and like, share and comment on reels directly.

Easy enough?

Story or Reels – which way should you go?

When it comes to using Instagram for marketing, we believe Reels come out on top. Stories are a more personal way to share memories with friends and family, and are in our view better suited to bloggers and individuals. For businesses and brands, Reels offer a whole lot more in terms of marketing potential and have a professional edge. 

It’s also worth noting that using new Instagram features early on often leads to increased visibility and exposure as algorithms may be tweaked towards showcasing content in these new formats. This, coupled with the fact there is less competition means that well-crafted content has more of a chance of being seen.

Have you given Instagram Reels a go yet, or are you a faithful Instagram Stories user? Which feature are you using the most to connect with your audience? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Calling cut on IGTV – for now

As our deep dive into IGTV draws to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the wonders of the relatively new Instagram video platform. If we’re honest, IGTV was a scary concept going into this challenge, and honestly, it’s not one we embraced to its full potential. But for those brave enough to give it a whirl, IGTV is a brilliant tool for marketing. 
As we’ve said before, IGTV is like Stories, but amplified. It’s got a whole lot less limits than its shorter Stories counterpart, which is wonderful, but to a beginner like us, makes it seem that much more nerve wracking.
To help take away some of the nerves, we’ve rounded up below our tops tips for IGTV:
Do: keep it vertical
IGTV is built for vertical video, so keep that in mind when shooting and uploading your footage. 
Do: keep it short
Though IGTV videos are able to be 10 minutes long (and up to a full hour for verified accounts!) you should still keep it short and sweet. It’s best to upload footage between 2-5 minutes in length so viewers don’t lose interest.
Do: use subtitles
IGTV allows you to add subtitles to your video which is important for a few reasons. First, some of your viewers might be deaf or hard-of-hearing. Secondly, a whopping 85 per cent of people watch Instagram videos with the sound off, so captions are a must. 
Do: post to your feed
Once you have posted the video to IGTV, you also want to make sure it appears in your feed, that way you have a higher chance of people seeing and engaging with the piece of content. There’s no point doing all that hard work if no-one sees it, right?
Do: include a CTA
So many people forget this! Remember, IGTV is a marketing tool so make sure you tell people what to do at the end of the video, whether it’s to go to a link, sign up, share, or comment. 
Don’t: go off brand
You still need to ensure that the content you create for the channel still follows your brand guidelines. Consumers relate more closely to those with a strong brand, so keep it consistent.
Don’t: treat IGTV like Instagram Stories
Think of IGTV as an extension of your Instagram feed. Keep your quick life updates for Instagram Stories.
You’ll have a much easier time growing on IGTV by posting one really great video per week that shows your audience how much value you can add to their lives.
Don’t: forget the basics
A lot of IGTV users seem to forget about the simple basics. Make sure each IGTV includes a title, cover image and hashtags. 
Don’t: skimp on the promotion
Instagram is used by millions of people, which means there are just as many pieces of content being posted on a daily basis. Simply posting a video to your Instagram profile isn’t enough to be seen (and you want to be seen, right?).
Remember, the more you put into promoting your videos, the more you’ll get out of them.
There you have it – our top tips for IGTV, all in the one place (so save this post!). Have you got any you could add to the list? Share in the comments below, and who knows, maybe you’ll see us on IGTV in the near future (we’re working up the courage!

IGTV: Turning your business into the star of its own production

black crt tv showing gray screen
Photo by Burak K on

Think Instagram is just for pretty images and short, snappy videos? Guess again. Just when you think you’ve got the popular social media platform all figured out they throw you a curveball. And in June 2018, that (much welcomed) curveball was IGTV.

IGTV gives you the benefits of the Instagram Story video feature but amplified. So just what is IGTV and how can we maximise it for business? Read on, and prepare to be blown away (we were!).


As with Instagram Stories, if you’re a business or brand on social media, you’re going to want to be all over IGTV.


IGTV is a long-form video channel accessible from Instagram and as a standalone app.

It gives users the opportunity to make videos longer than typical Instagram Stories and posts – think up to 10 minutes for regular users and up to ONE HOUR if you’re verified (seriously, that’s longer than a television sitcom!).


Unlike your Stories that vanish within 24 hours, IGTV videos stick around.


IGTV videos camp out in their own little section of your profile. On the app, you’ll find a little TV screen icon just above a user’s normal feed. Click that button and that’s where you’ll find the library of IGTVs.


You may be put off using IGTV for your business or brand due to the associated time investment needed to produce the long-form social videos. But while we do tend to stick to short and snappy when it comes to the good old social media posts, in this case we think bigger (or longer) is definitely better.


If done right, IGTV is a bloody brilliant way to build engagement for your brand. Think exclusive content, product demonstrations, Q&As, behind-the-scenes tours – all the fun, interactive content you share via Stories but with less restrictions!

With IGTV you can delve into detail about your products and services without having to speak really fast in fear of being cut off (seriously, how many times have we had to reshoot a Story?) or film a fun tutorial without rushing through the steps.


Ready to dive into the deep end and give IGTV a crack? Firstly you need to ensure your video meets all the tech requirements (warning: boring but important information below, so stay with us and don’t skip ahead!):

Videos must be at least one minute long. The maximum length your IGTV can be is:

  • 15 minutes when uploading from a mobile device.
  • 60 minutes when uploading from the web.

·         Videos must be in MP4 file format.

  • You can upload a vertical video with an aspect ratio of 9:16 or a horizontal video with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Videos should have a minimum frame rate of 30 FPS (frames per second) and minimum resolution of 720 pixels.
  • The maximum file size for videos that are 10 minutes or less is 650MB. The maximum file size for videos up to 60 minutes is 3.6GB.

 Got all that? Now, on to the how-to:

1.   In the Instagram app, tap the plus symbol at the bottom and choose the video you want to upload, then tap next.

2.   Select long video to share a video that’s at least 60 seconds to IGTV. Videos shorter than 60 seconds can be shared to your feed and profile by selecting short video > continue.

3.   Tap and slide the image at the bottom of the screen to select a cover image or tap the plus symbol, then add from camera roll (iPhone) or add from gallery (Android). Tap Next.

4.   Add a title and description.

5.   You can choose to post a preview of your video to feed and your profile or share your video to a Facebook page, then tap post.

·         Previews will automatically be the first 15 seconds of your video.

·         If you’ve chosen to post a preview, you can tap edit profile cover to adjust how your IGTV cover photo shows up on your profile grid.

·         You can also tap edit preview to adjust how your IGTV video will be previewed in feed (you’ll only have this option if your video is 9:16. If 16:9, your video will show in full).

A heads up that if you share a video longer than 60 seconds to your feed and profile by selecting short video, the video will be trimmed to 60 seconds – keep this in mind!

As you can see, IGTV is a game changer when it comes to Instagram marketing and social media in general – the possibilities really are endless. To be honest, we’re not even sure we’d cram all there is to know about IGTV within an IGTV itself. But maybe one day we should try? What do you think about IGTV – do you love it or hate it? Share your experiences in the comments below. 

Story time draws to a close

We’re coming to the middle of August (seriously, where did the time go?) and with that the end of our
month-long dive down the rainbow-coloured rabbit hole that is Instagram Stories. It’s been a mind-
boggling month of stepping out of our comfort zone with crazy filters, funny emojiis and stickers,
exclusive content and even a little dabble into video!

While we certainly wouldn’t call ourselves experts, we’ve definitely learnt a trick or two to keep up
our sleeves when it comes to maximising Instagram Stories for business.

Below, we’ve rounded them
up for easy reading and quick reference (so make sure you bookmark this page!).

Do: Keep it real
Not everything you share needs to be perfectly on brand and Stories is the perfect place to get #real.
Why not show your audience a little behind the scenes?

Do: Get creative
Make sure your Stories are bursting with your brand’s personality through the use of filters, stickers
and interactive content. Just try not to go overboard (trust us, it’s so easy to get carried away…).

Do: Save your best Stories
Remember to make the most of the Stories highlight feature! It’s perfect for the interactive content
you want to bookmark for future reference (like FAQs and work samples), but doesn’t quite suit your
feed’s #aesthetic.

Do: End all Stories with a CTA
That’s a ‘call to action’ if you’re (like us!) still learning the slang. Just like any other marketing tool,
Instagram Stories can (and should) end in a specific call to action. This is a huge opportunity to
prompt users to interact with your brand. Looking to drive website traffic? Prompt users to swipe up!

Don’t: Overdo it
Repeat after us – less is more. Unless kindergarten collage is on brand for you, stay away from
cluttering the screen with GIFs, hashtags, polls, or text. The less is more approach also applies to the
quantity of Stories – one to seven posts a day is plenty!

Don’t: Only use Stories for marketing
Sure, you may have a product to push, but your audience will swipe away if they feel as though
you’re just trying to sell. Instead, try the 3:1 rule – three ‘real’ Stories for every promotional one.

Don’t: Post during off-hours
Although your story will be live for 24 hours, it will inevitably get lost in the noise that is the
Stories’ feed. Make sure your Stories are seen by posting during the hours your audience is most

Don’t: Align text too close to the edges
We’ve been there, done that. Here’s a tip: You know those blue lines that pop up every now and then
while you’re moving stickers and text around? These lines help you align your text so it can be seen
and read, so take note!

There you have it – our top tips for Instagram Stories, all tried and tested over this past month. Have
you got any you could add to the list? Share in the comments below and be sure to keep an eye on
our Stories as we continue our journey (you didn’t think we’d really stop after 31 days, right?).

Once upon a Story – Diving down the rabbit hole

cute rabbit with eyeglasses
Photo by Anna Shvets on

If you’ve been sleeping on Instagram Stories, it’s time to wake up.

You see, Stories are a big deal on the ‘Gram – over 500 million people view them daily. That’s a whole lot of potential customers!

Instagram Stories (or as the cool kids call them “Insta-Stories”) allow you to really connect with your audience – not just through pretty images and killer copy. 

However, it can seem really overwhelming if you’re just starting out. But don’t stress, we’re going to help break down how to use Stories for your business. 


In short, if you’re a business or brand on social media you’re going to want to be on Instagram Stories.


Think of Stories as a secondary, exclusive feed of content for your community. Stories allow users to create a feed of consecutive content that disappears within 24 hours. Content can either be static photos or video.  

There’s a whole lot more creative freedom associated with Stories than the typical grid post. Think fun elements such as polls, emojiis and question stickers.


As mentioned earlier, Stories only stick around for 24 hours before vanishing from your account.  Due to their short life-cycle, there is a sense of urgency and scarcity around them, making them must-see content for followers in the know.


Stories are found across the top of your Insta-feed. A coloured circle around your profile photo lets followers know that you’ve recently added to your Story. But just what do these colours mean? 

If the circle around the profile picture is orange and pink, then the user has added a new Story and you need to click on their profile image to check it out. If the circle is green, then the person’s Story can be watched by only those who are in close friends list (think super exclusive content!). If the circle’s grey you’re up to date!

While Stories do vanish from your feed, you can save Stories to your homepage to turn them into ‘highlights”. This is particularly great for tips and FAQs – you can answer them in video format and save them for later reference.


Aside from the large audience – remember 500 million people daily! – there’s a whole lot of benefits to Stories. Here’s just a handful:

  • It’s simple to use. All you really need is a mobile phone and good lighting. 
  • There are many formats that you can try. How-tos, behind-the-scenes – the opportunities are endless.
  • It’s casual. People are on the site to be entertained. Instead of banging on about why your product is awesome, why not wow your audience with a kick-ass video demonstration instead?
  • It’s only up for 24 hours, so it’s a great way to test out new ideas. Story a flop? No stress, the content won’t be around forever.


Ready to dive into Stories? Here’s a quick tutorial to get you started:

  1. Tap the camera icon top left.
  2. Just point and shoot or import any photo or video on your camera roll. Tap the icon at bottom left to find the images you want to add.
  3. Skip straight to step 10 to post or continue reading on some how-tos for Story features.
  4.  Swipe left or right to add a filter if desired. Or tap the smiley face at top to find some super cute and fun options (think animal ears/ funny faces/retro filters/quiz questions – the possibilities are endless!). 
  5. Tap the link icon to link to your website (you can only do this if you have over 10K followers) or to your IGTV video.
  6. Tap the emoji face to add all kinds of cool stickers.
  7. Tap the pencil if you wish to write, scribble, or colour on your Story.
  8. Tap Aa to add any text. You can choose from six fonts and lots of colours.
  9.  Swipe any element down and into the trash can to delete it.
  10.  Tap Your Stories at lower left to add to your Stories.

Phew! There’s a whole lot to Instagram Stories and we really only touched the surface today. But like most things, practice makes perfect and it’s about finding what works for your business. Give Stories a go and let us know how you went in the comments below!

What are Instagram Stories? 📖

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock you would have heard of social media platform Instagram. If you are not a Instagram native – boy is this post for you!

We are going to assume that you know a little about Instagram (native or not). In short – think beautiful images, snappy copy and scrollin’ behaviour. Instagram Stories is our focus for the month of July – we hope to hold your hand through learning about all Instagram STORIES. So buckle up – let’s do this.

What are stories? They have become so much more than the Snapchat frenemy. They are the first thing people <generally> click on when they jump on their Insta feed. Have you changed your insta habit to check stories first? or do scroll then watch the stories? Do you have certain times of day that you are more likely to watch stories over scrollin? Do you prefer to watch your fav brands or people closest to you? or a real mix bag of all the above.

These are the questions we are asking ourselves (and you!) to learn more about the intricate world of Instagram stories.

So many questions and only 27 days of the challenge to go – ahhhhhh.

So what are Instagram Stories?

Put simply Instagram Stories are video’s and photo’s that users can share with their followers that live within their ‘STORY’ for 24 hours. Yep, a whole 24 hours and then – SWISH, they disappear.

Very much a product that was created to combat the increasing popularity of Snapchat. But Instagram Stories continue to soar – increasing engagement between users and deliver mass reach across users. They are also a great way for creators to engage with their audience in quick bursts of video that don’t ‘live’ on the grid.

31 Days of Instagram Stories – Strategy and tactics for businesses to learn from.

Instagram Stories – Welcome to our deep dive journey

Hello there,

Greetings from this part of the world. Hope you are fab!

Wanted to let you know that we have had a crazy idea. Yep, we are setting a challenge for ourselves at Grevillea. Sure we can think of some other hilarious or catchy name for it BUT we are challenging ourselves to dive in DEEP with Instagram stories for the month of July.

We know stories, we know they are great for engagement and reach – but we also know there is a whole heap we can learn about. And guess what – we want to do all the legwork for you! Yep, we are sharing all the in’s and out’s that we learn along the way. We are sharing our learnings, our insights and our numbers. EVERYTHING. We like transparency at Grevillea. We want to show you how we grow (not in followers but as a business) so you can learn from OUR highs and lows.

We have a few goals – a few theories and a few plans up our sleeve but really we want to challenge ourselves to dig in deep and immerse ourselves into the world of stories – because if we are being honest, we have focussed on getting our branding sorted and looking after our own clients that we haven’t come up for air in a little while. That all changes TODAY.

So why follow the journey? DO you know everything there is to know about stories? If you just whispered yes to yourself, good on you – let us know some of your highlights. If you just leaned into your screen a little – hold onto your seats. We are going to spell out all the tips and tricks we discover so that you can use them for your own Insta growth. We do hours of research behind the scenes at GM, we will be sharing our favourite reads, courses and resources and what tools we find helpful along the way.

We hope you enjoy Once Upon a Story (its a working title – running with it for now)